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Our curriculum was created based upon the needs of the professions and designed with the student in mind.

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Our FUSE programs, led by experienced faculty, focus on relevant themes in a structured, sequential format. The 18-month curriculum incrementally builds on prior knowledge, culminating in the creation of various reports and a comprehensive capstone project. These artifacts showcase a genuine mastery of both the art and science of your business profession. The acquired skill sets can be confidently incorporated into a professional portfolio, ready for presentation to future employers. Throughout the program, students gain exposure to the dynamics of currency, intricate organizational systems, and essential tools for developing products, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and offering professional consulting services in areas such as business valuation, project management, infrastructure design/implementation/support, and information assurance.

School of Information Technology

Refine your skillset in software development, infrastructure support, or business analysis.

School Of Business Valuation Investment and Real Estate

Curriculum designed by professionals and academics in valuation and financial analysis.

School of Management and Leadership

Courses designed by professionals and academics prepare graduates to immediately and competently work in a project management position.

School of Professional Studies

Hands-on bootcamps, specialize with focused training certifications, or explore in-depth disciplines with our graduate certification programs.


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